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18-in-1 Pro Pedicure™

18-in-1 Pro Pedicure™

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Powerful and faster. The electric foot callus remover with 2-speed mode, reveals baby-soft skin in minutes with no prep time. The 18-in-1 professional pedicure kit is an ideal pedicure spa kit gift for men and women.

  • 3-various roller heads: This callus remover is equipped with 3-different roller heads to meet your various needs, the rough roller head is for crazy callus and lumpy dry skin; the medium roller head is for rough dead skin; and the fine roller head is for daily care, designed to be gentle on your skin; this electric callus remover works by slowly removing a very thin layer of skin at a time with no pain or irritation.
  • 2-speeds: Our foot callus remover also offers 2-speeds to choose from, low speed is for peeling the callus off your feet, for removing rough and dry skin; you'd better choose high speed for better effect.
  • LED light and USB rechargeable: Bright LED light enables you to operate in dark places and control the callus removal process more easily, after being fully charged; it can work for about 120 mins, besides; battery status will be clearly displayed on the screen to remind you of charging it in time.
  • Waterproof and easy to clean: This allows you to put the head under water. The foot pedicure roller can be disassembled or installed with just one button, making it easy to clean and replace. Note: in order to ensure the duration of the foot pedicure rasp, please do not immerse it frequently in water

Package lists: 1 x electric foot callus remover 3 x roller grinding heads 1 x manual foot callus remover kit (12-pieces) 1 x charging cable 1 x cleaning brush x 3-blades x 1-USB cable charger.

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